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Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC

Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC (DOMAC) owns and operates a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import and regasification facility located along the Mystic River in Everett, Massachusetts (the Everett Marine Terminal). Since 1971, this facility has received over 1,000 shipments of LNG imported from various international sources, and in December 2010, the facility was the first LNG terminal in the United States to achieve this milestone.

DOMAC markets LNG in both liquid and vapor (regasified) form throughout the northeastern United States under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). DOMAC provides liquid, vapor, or combination sales services on a firm or interruptible basis. DOMAC's customers include local gas distribution companies (LDCs), electric generating facilities, natural gas marketers, and industrial end-users. These customers may contract for service for daily, weekly, seasonal, annual, or multi-year periods.

DOMAC does not use its facilities to provide open access transportation services, and therefore it does not offer storage or terminalling services to LNG shippers or importers, including its own affiliates.


DOMAC Facts & Figures

The Everett Marine Terminal has been operating longer than any other LNG import terminal in the United States. Between 1971 and 2003, it received approximately half of the LNG imported into the United States.

Currently, the Everett Marine Terminal meets approximately 20% of New England's annual gas demand. DOMAC's customers themselves store LNG purchased from DOMAC in satellite storage facilities located around New England; this LNG can satisfy an additional 15% of New England's peak gas demand.

The Everett Marine Terminal is home to two LNG storage tanks with a combined capacity of 3.4 billion cubic feet, or 42 million gallons. The Terminal's installed vaporization capacity (nameplate) is approximately one billion cubic feet per day, with a sustainable daily throughput capacity of approximately 715 million cubic feet per day.

DOMAC delivers vaporized LNG via the interconnecting facilities of two interstate natural gas pipelines, Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, and also via the local gas distribution system of Boston Gas Company d/b/a KeySpan Energy Delivery New England.

DOMAC supplies LNG in liquid form through four truck-loading bays to customers with their own LNG storage capability. DOMAC's truck-loading bays have a maximum liquid send-out capacity of more than 100 million cubic feet, or 1.2 million gallons, daily.

The National Safety Council, the Massachusetts Safety Council, and the American Gas Association are just a few of the industry organizations that have recognized the Everett Marine Terminal for its exemplary safety record over the years.


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